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ResverAC™ is one of the tangible outcomes of many years of public research co-funded by the DOD in the quest of discovering the biochemical origin of cancer.

In 2002, the research team lead by Prof E. Cavalieri and Prof E. Rogan discovered that the cancers that they analysed might associated to many hundred genetic mutations and a unique biochemical process. Under certain conditions, Estrone, Estradiol and Dopamine form 3,4 Catechol Quinones, which react with the DNA and form DNA depurinating adducts. The progressive depurination of DNA's purines leads to cancer. This cancer initiation mechanism is extremely significant and it is scientifically undeniable. Significantly higher adduct ratios have been observed in women with breast cancer and ovarian cancer. For example, Cavalieri and Rogan found out that women, who had been diagnosed with breast cancer, had 30 times more 3,4 Catechol Quinones than healthy women. More in general, Cavalieri and Rogan discovered that also people with Thyroid Gland and Non-Hodgkin Lymphoma present a high number of DNA depurinating adducts. Following this first great discovery, Cavalieri and Rogan also discovered that the simultaneous combination of Acetylcysteine and at least one of the following: Resveratrol, Melatonin and Alpha Lipoic Acid would  reduce (at a different degree of efficacy) the formation of 3,4 Catechol Quinones and therefore the formation of DNA depurinating adducts. Experiments were made in vitro and in vivo with similar outcomes. How can people know about their adducts? The third remarkable discovery of Cavalieri and Rogan was a process to determine the 3,4 Catechol Quinones ratio from a urine test. The test  will be available in 40 nations after June 2016. We will post more information on our web site in the next months.  

ResverAC™ is a very innovative product that combines the individual and very specific anti-oxidant properties of high purity Acetylcysteine and Resveratrol. All these ingredients are delivered to the body inside a vegan gastro-resistant capsule that dissolves in the first tract of the intestine. This type of capsule is substantially different from all the lower cost capsules that dissolve in the stomach where gastric acids completely or almost completely decompose and inactivate certain complex organic molecules (e.g. Resveratrol) that often demonstrate beneficial therapeutic effects in in vitro experiments but fail to prove their efficacy in in vivo experiments.

ResverAC™ adds  D3 Vitamin to Cavalieri and Rogan's original formula. D3 Vitamin is in a dosage that cannot harm anyone who already has a correct intake of D3 Vitamin from other nutritional sources while the amount of vitamin contained in ResverAC™ certainly assists all the others in the improvement and stabilisation of important cellular metabolic processes.

Legal disclaimer: ResverAC™ is a product manufactured in Australia from Local and imported ingredients. ResverAC™  is intended for export markets only. ResverAC™  does not claim to prevent, treat or cure any disease. You should make your own independent research before deciding of purchasing ResverAC™.  


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