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Acetrol™ is pure endurance and well-being. It is Panadoxide at 80% purity level. The residual 20% is  Panax Ginseng at some degree of smaller concentration. Our Ginseng is grown the northern regions of China. It takes 2 or 3 years before the Ginseng root is sufficiently big and the whole plant can be harvested for the production of Panaxoside. Our Panaxoside is extracted from the Ginseng plants immediately after they are harvested. The encapsulation in vegan enteric capsules and the final packaging stage under vacuum immediately follow just a few days after. Panaxoside contains different complex molecules which bring different benefits. The most of people usually note a substantial increase in endurance during sport activities and an increased feeling of general well-being. One study on Panaxoside found out that at a certain dosage, Panaxoside reduced  the alcohol concentration in the blood stream of human subjects. Other studies alleged an anti-cancer activity of Panaxoside.

Important Notice: under the current Australian legislation Acetrol™ is a food supplement.  Acetrol™ does not prevent, treat or cure any disease. Acetrol™ is a general well being food supplement, that is the outcome of an ancient culture that never abandoned Panax Ginseng and its derivatives along over 5,000 years of usage. If you are reading this page, you should read the scientific literature available on Panaxoside to decide if  Acetrol™ is the right choice for you.


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